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Proven technology and hospitality professionals helping candidates and employers find the perfect fit.

Anchor Staffing Group

Welcome to Anchor Staffing Group

Our experience and skills in the technology arena make us uniquely qualified to help employers find the perfect staff for a given project; and to help candidates find and secure that next great career move.

We know the technology-side of the business better than any typical recruiter at other recruiting agencies because we are not sales people; we are certified technology veterans who continue to work in the technology world. We continue to write code, configure networks, optimize databases, develop BI solutions, and so much more. We've worked in a variety of methodologies including Scrum (Agile, Lean, etc.), waterfall, cowboy coding. We've been on both sides of the interview table.

On top of all of the vast technology skills we have just talked about, we have added a seasoned veteran from the hospitality industry. Over 20 years experience has joined the Anchor Staffing Group team. The same philosophy goes into adding this segment of staffing; a professional brought in to help other professionals instead of a recruiter that has never worked in the heart of the business.

Because of our experience in the technology and hospitality space, we can see things that perhaps a hiring manager or a given employee candidate won't see.

We offer an extended array of services unlike those of standard recruiting agencies. Please check the For Employers or For Candidates pages for a list of our a la carte services.

Anchor Staffing Group